Irresistible Healthy Snacks for Adults

Irresistible Healthy Snacks for Adults

Snacks are a great way to refuel during the day. Small, frequent meals throughout the day can boost your metabolism. Preventing hunger pains can help you avoid making poor food choices. Healthy snacks for adults are an easy to stay full and feel great.

Oatmeal, Honey and Peach:

Oatmeal doesn’t have to be a morning-only food. In fact, this traditional breakfast food makes a great mid-day snack. For a portable version, try overnight oats. All you’ll need are a mug, rolled oats, milk (can be soy or almond if you prefer), honey and a fresh peach. Start by measuring about 1/3 cup worth of rolled oats. Add those to your mug. Next stir in 1/3 of milk and add a teaspoon or two of honey. Let the oats chill in the fridge overnight. In the morning, wash and slice a peach. Add to the oats. Oats are high in protein and fiber to keep you full as well as iron and vitamins. Honey adds flavor and antibacterial properties while a delicious peach brings antioxidants.

Ants on a Log:

Yes, this snack is traditionally used to feed and entertain children. But why not try it yourself? The ingredients are simple: peanut butter, raisins and celery sticks. Rinse and chop your celery sticks. Add natural peanut butter to the hollow portion of the celery stalk. Top with the ants or raisins (you can even try golden raisins!). Peanut butter is delicious and super filling. Celery hydrates the body and is low in calories. Raisins aid digestion and builds your immune system.

Cheese and Apple Treat:

It doesn’t get simpler than this! Something about the combination of apples and cheese is heavenly. I recommend using sweet honey crisp apples to contrast with flavor of cheese. Choose a few slices of your favorite cheeses. Mozzarella is a great, low-calorie option. Swiss cheese contains high levels of phosphorus which encourages bone healthy. Chop the cheese up into easy-to-eat bite sizes. Slice half of an apple and sprinkle a bit of sea salt to enhance the flavor. This easy snack is great for staying full from mid-afternoon until dinner time.

Don’t forget to pair your snacks with an energizing workout session. These healthy snacks for adults are best enjoyed in conjunction with an active lifestyle.

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